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did my budget for the month

October 6th, 2012 at 04:53 pm

Did my budget for the month. since I have 2 utilities about to be cut off, it was easy to decide what order to pay things. next payday, I pay the behind payment on ele, car insurance, cable and cell phone. my current bike payment and a credit card payment. that leaves my $300 for groceries / gas and pocket money. The week of the 17th I pay current ele, cable, cell phone, car insurance, furniture loan, medical loan, my other credit card and child support. I will have %250 for gas / groceries and pocket money. After this it starts getting a bit easier. My wife gets her first paycheck but we have a property tax bill due for our house in Ga. Her check should cover it so it'a a wash. The week of the 24th I pay my IRS bill and my car payment. I will have $525 left over so I may pay down something. The final week, I get paid, my wife gets paid again and my renter sends in his check. I will pay my rent and the mortgage payment out of those. I should have about $900 left over.

My only big conern is talking to utility companies on monday. I can pay the overdue parts on all of them prior to the cut off dates but I can't pay the current amounts till next week. Hopfully that won't be a problem. I also hope to find out about the mortgage reduction and the repayment for the overdue payments. If I have to breat down the 1700 over 4 months, I would be ok.

My only other big worry is my job, they are doing the yearly staffing budgets this month and we just got a new VP. I don't know the lady at all so I have no idea if she will have any radical ideas related to the projects I am working on. If the contract does get renewed then I should be able to get the things I have been neglecting taken care of as well as pay off a fair amount of debt. Oh, my step daughter got a job today, I will have her paying rent starting next month!!!


October 4th, 2012 at 10:20 am

Yesterday was payday so I paid my mortgage and rent. I also budgeted 125 for groceries. The 125 is a bit low but I only had 200 left after the mortgage and rent. It will be a tight week. Luckily I get 5 pay days this month so my plan is to pay my overdue utilities next week and then pay the current utilities on my 4th paycheck. If all goes well, my over due utilities and overdue car payment should be caught up. that will be a pretty good accomplishment.
what does suck though that today is my anniversary and I am working from home today because I am sick. I would like to take the wife out but being sick and broke........

Talked to Mortgage company today

October 1st, 2012 at 03:18 pm

Got a certified letter from my mortgage company today. Never a good thing. After talking to the first girl, she suggested I go for a loan modification. So, I talked to that guy and we are seeing what we can do. In the mean time, they are holding off on demanding full back payment ( I am 2 payments behinds) which means that for now, I can just make a regular payment. If the loan mod falls though, they told me I can make 4 payments of 400 each to cover the payments I am behind on. With my wife working now, I am pretty sure I can swing that. The sad thing, is that I really don't want the house. The neighborhood went to hell and I have no desire to move back there. The only reason I haven't let it go is because I do alot of gov't contracts and a forclosure would kill my security clearance as well as prevent me from getting other contracts